Sunday, April 17, 2016

As good as 4th grade diary

Writing a blog is something that neither of us have planned to do. Compulsory diaries, in first grades of elementary schools, are the closest thing of writing a blog what we have done. At the time writing diaries seemed pointless. I thought that nothing so special happened in my life. It was the same same all the time. I woke up. Went to school.  Ate some food. Tested some brand new computer games. Planned to build a wall between Mexico and US. Pretty much the same nonsense that the Internet is full nowadays.

Really?? And I am about to do this all over again? Will it be as much out of the comfort zone than last time? Probably not. This project will be so amazing that we want to share the experience with you however we can.Writings will be about our endeavours always when we are not busy whipping Pope Franciscus with birch bouquet in sauna (you will see what we mean) or drinking Rakia with Croatian fishermen.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy the original 4th grade “blog posts”:

"I had nothing to do. I was inside almost the whole day. At evening I cheered up a bit."

"We were supposed to shortly visit the city. But we were there for five hours. We went to a pizza place. I bought Hubba Puppa bubble gum and Omar toffee."

"I wrote many days of diary. I didn't do anything else but chill."

"Today is first day of December. There is exactly twenty four days to Christmas eve."

"There is only a little time to the new years eve. There is only 23 days to Christmas eve. Try to guess what day of December it is."

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