Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Potterin Around With Ribs, Chili and Piercing Saw

250 portions of ribs - gone. Restaurant day was a success but not an easy one. I can’t remember waking up at 4am on Saturday morning just to chill under a tree and observe strange people walking from East to West. That of course, if army reconnaissance “fun” is not counted.

Luckily this time the place was in Esplanadi Park in the middle of Helsinki. And the strange people were mostly Chinese (and luckily) tourists and not little green men. Occasional Finnish person passed by to check the situation in the Finnish - Russian Ice hockey World Championship semi-final game. We won, but damn you Canada!

After we recovered from the ribs overdose and the silver medal, the decision was to not to do anything like that ever again. Except two weeks after the first one… This time the menu was moderately spicy chili con carne with nachos. Even the professional fast food critics in their blue and white flashy car gave thumbs up for the cooking. Thank you for the review!
In between the cooking we have continued the construction of the prime attraction of the trip that can be called the closest thing to home for the summer. Our sauna. The schedule has been quite tight with the day job, travelling, cooking and constructing. The emphasis is to get everything physical ready before the trip. And physical we do. Hammering, drilling and sawing. This however means lowering the speed of video editing and blog writing. Two weeks to go! Everything seems possible!

SiirBros / Roope

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