Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Aaand... It's Broken

GRRRR GRRR GRR. Did the engine sound this loud last time? I think it did. But the steering is extremely heavy. Let’s check it out. What is that pink stuff dripping to the snow and pooling underneath the car? Damn power steering…

Otherwise the car seemed to work ok. Except the heaters. But that should not be a problem in a sauna van. During summer. In mediterranean region. +30 celcius outside, +50 inside and +80 at the back. And of course there is no air conditioning. Maybe we should get a fan. One fan that would support us even when we look really sweaty and tell boring stories about Higgs bosons and castles.

Few months ago, the heat was not a problem in frozen Finland. Panu had manage to fill the back compartment with all of his belongings. A sofa, an electric bed, a non-electric chair and so on. There was a plan to get the stuff to Helsinki. But without power steering we postponed this procedure and decided to maintain the car first.

Couple of weeks ago the maintenance guy called. The power steering might not be broken. Great! But… apparently the motor was bit like Danny the Dog, unleashed. It had dropped some 25 centimeters from the original position. The mechanic wondered how it could still move to the workshop. Our Italian steed seems to be quite tough, like Italy in general. Still running without the well oiled machinery.

Anyway, if you happen to have an extra fastening part for 2003 Fiat Ducato, we are interested!

In a meanwhile, enjoy the video that has boosted our enthusiasm. It has automatically created Portuguese subtitles that can be translated into English. And the translation makes no sense whatsoever. 
Kummeli - Autolla Maailman Ympäri:

SiirBros / Panu & Roope

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