Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aaand.. it´s white

It was the second to last day of 2015. What a perfect day to grill some lunch outside. Thank you excessive CO2 emissions and thick grandma-made wool shirts! At the same time we were busy browsing with the fast connections ex-Nokialand can offer. And suddenly. Wow. “Brent Rambo approves”. A potential four wheeled powerhouse for our sauna project. Only problem was that it was in Raisio. Or so we thought.

Since we would go totally opposite direction from Raisio after the holidays, we decided to go and pick up the van immediately. The journey was not a blink of an eye but we managed to arrive just in time. 12 minutes before the closing. Would this be the right place? It was. A small shady place with lots of vans in a crowded parking lot. Inside we found a leather jacket -man with thick southwestern accent (in Finnish Turun murre but nobody understands that anyway.). He had wondered if we would ever show up.

The van felt quite good to drive. Or relatively. How good vans can be in the end? In real terms quite shit. But it felt pretty ok after three hours in tiny Ford on slippery roads. And it would fulfil all our criteria. It was white. It was high. There was at least three windows in the back compartment. As men, it is quite challenging to confess that it was mainly the number of windows in the car that was the pivotal feature leading to the purchase. Not the horsepowers. Nor the brand. Like we would know something about cars. Seven minutes of test driving and five minutes of paperwork. And there it was. Our “new” Fiat Ducato Maxi!

Should have tested it more. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…

SiirBros / Panu & Roope

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